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Automated screwdriving application - cycle time test

Screwing end effector with a xyz gantry

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The focus of the video is an igus gantry, which is used in combination with a Kolver screw gripper. The igus gantry is a high-precision device known for its ability to perform accurate movements in a three-dimensional space. The Kolver screw gripper is a powerful tool known for its ability to precisely handle and manipulate screws.

During the test, the igus gantry is used to move the Kolver screw gripper to various positions. The screw gripper then performs a series of tasks, including gripping, turning, and positioning screws.

The main purpose of this test is to verify compliance with the cycle time. The cycle time refers to the time needed to complete a full cycle of tasks. In this case, the cycle includes moving the screw gripper to a screw, gripping the screw, turning and positioning the screw, and finally returning the screw gripper to its starting position.

The video shows how the igus gantry and the Kolver screw gripper work together to perform these tasks with impressive precision and speed. It becomes clear that both devices are capable of adhering to the specified cycle time, which underscores their efficiency and performance.

The video ends with a summary of the test results and a discussion about the significance of these results for the future use of the igus gantry and the Kolver screw gripper. It is emphasized that successful compliance with the cycle time is an important indicator of the performance of these devices and confirms their ability to be used in a variety of industrial applications.

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