Screwdriver - K-DUCER Series

Item no.: RBTX-KOLV-0001

The K-DUCER is our A-class intelligent transducerized assembly system. The system consists of the KDU, an advanced state-of-the-art controller, and the KDS, a range of handheld and fixtured electric screwdrivers with torque control up to 620 lbf-in.

The K-DUCER is the ideal solution for your Industry 4.0 production line and integrating it in your smart factory will be effortless, thanks to the built-in Modbus TCP and Open Protocol connectivity.

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Kolver's KDS transducerized electric screwdrivers cover all assembly line requirements for accurate, high quality torque and angle-controlled fastening.

A built-in compact torque transducer provides closed-loop control with excellent repeatability. Built-in LED lights provide immediate feedback on each tightening process, i.e. you'll be able to check at a glance whether the part is correctly tightened or not.

✓ Unsurpassed ergonomics and soft touch design

LED Status Indicators (ok, error, tightening etc.)

✓ Temperature protection and ESD-safe housing

Full traceability and error proofing capabilities: 100% compatible with Industry 4.0.

✓ Advanced functionality like monitoring and compensation of prevailing torque (running torque)

Our electric screwdrivers with torque and angle control are available in straight, pistol, angle and fixture configuration.

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